Hoe Best to Evaluate Sales Team Performance

Sales people are constantly under pressure to deliver on their sales targets. Sales people determine what level of success a business shall enjoy. When they cannot deliver on those targets, all other functions of the business shall suffer.

You will find that it helps to look at more than what the sales team manages to bring in. There is more to the salespeople than the figures they manage to pull. When evaluating the performance of your sales force, you need to avoid looking at numbers alone. This shall help you nurture a stronger and better team in the long run. Sales figures will always be closely monitored, but you get more from that team that the figures. Here are the different ways you can choose to do the evaluation for a more comprehensive understanding.

You need to look at the process as much as the final results. As you look at the figures they attained, you also need to see how that was possible. This is why you need to look at the sales funnel in place. You should evaluate the steps they follow through the sales funnel. This is the best way to find out where they could be making mistakes. Once you know their kind of strengths and weaknesses, addressing them helps make the overall team much better at their jobs, and thus more sales.
There is a need also to promote the best prospectors. There are few salespeople who like the idea of prospecting out there There is however no better way for them to find more clients to sell to in future. You can get them all to prospect some more by offering rewards to those who generate impressive numbers. This shall encourage an improvement in their approaches and more salespeople willing to put themselves out there for more clients.

You should also reward their training initiatives. In most organizations, most of the sales are attributed to a few top salespeople, which leaves too many sales chances on the table from the rest of the team. When you take the time to allow the top salespeople to show the rest how to go about the sales process, you shall generate more sales from the team as a whole. The top salespeople shall have the chance to perfect their skills, and the others shall have that chance to learn something useful in the sales process.

There is also a need to grow the spirit of teamwork. As much as individual performance shall get you rewarded, teamwork shall get you even more rewards form the combined efforts. There is a need for competition to help them do their best. It is important that they understand that the completion other companies bring is what you all collectively need to work against.
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